Courses and workshops

In-house training

A range of courses and workshops are available in each of our centres.

We work with jobseekers to explore the best options available to them, and the best ways to structure them. For example, we offer workshops for basic skills in trades such as carpentry, bricklaying and painting. These are given in an informal setting and may include work experience projects to develop skills in real-world situations.

There are general access courses like basic mathematics and literacy, to give the core skills that every employer looks for.

The courses we deliver are typically to groups; however a lot of skills can be worked on in a one-to-one basis, with just the advisor and the individual. There are also more vocational courses aimed at developing the precise skills for a particular type of work.

All of our courses increase all-round employability, giving a mixture of abilities and attributes that boost confidence and improve the chances of getting a job.

External training

If there is something that we cannot provide ourselves, our advisors have extensive knowledge of training and work placements in the local area. We can help to find the right course by searching through relevant directories, or working with contacts at many of the other local partner organisations.

We can also advise on how to fund those courses that have a fee.