Financial advisor work

Over time I began to realise that I could achieve my real potential

When I first came to Wheatsheaf Trust in January 2016, I was working in a part time job which I really disliked and wanted to leave.  I was low in confidence, had no motivation and although I wanted a career as a Financial Adviser, I really didn’t know where to start.

I have struggled through life with ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Dyspraxia and also with my speech, making it difficult to understand instructions and communicate with others. I didn’t socialise much with my friends because sometimes it was too emotional trying to engage with others and I began to fear that no one would like me and that I would be seen differently.

When I went to Wheatsheaf Trust, I was referred to Future All, which is specifically designed to help and support young people achieve their goals. When I first met my Adviser, I was nervous and very low in confidence, but we hit it off straight away.

We did several things including, re-vamping my CV, explored job roles in finance, explored traineeships and apprenticeships and even went through tips on communication and behaviours that helped me to engage in conversations with others.

This was quite big for me, my confidence was growing and I was learning more about how to reach my potential and achieve my goals.

In February, whilst I was still on the Future All programme, I joined some of Wheatsheaf Trust staff on a First Aid course as they had some free spaces and at first it seemed a bit daunting, but within the first few minutes I felt like one of the team and I passed the course which I was really proud of.

Also around this time, my Adviser and I visited some local banks and building societies, which was a good exercise for me as it put me in a situation where I was encouraged to ask questions about how I could get into a financial role.

Although my time on Future All was short, I have achieved so much, I am more confident in going for and achieving my goals.  I have a new CV and up to date training to put on there and I actually felt that I had gone from rags to riches.

My Adviser encouraged me to perform to my best abilities and succeed in the things I love to do and through following her advice, I am pleased to say that I have now secured an Apprenticeship as a Financial Adviser with Hampshire County Council.

My Adviser has maintained contact with me, which I appreciate a lot as it has reassured me that I am not alone if things don’t work out.

“For the first time in my life, there was someone who was listening to me and taking in my information and acting it.”