Never give up

Started at college and still there

School was tough for me, I didn’t cope very well with it, which was down to having low confidence, autism and aspergers.  I wanted to go to college but I got low grade GCSEs and there were some concerns about how I would cope in mainstream college.

In June 2015 I was referred to a youth programme which was run by Wheatsheaf Trust and was based at Eastleigh Borough Council. I met my Adviser, who was aware of and understood the issues I had. She explained how the programme worked and the kind of support that would be available to me.

We started off by finding a confidence building course which seemed like a good idea, but I found it too stressful and only attended one day. Then we looked at local colleges as I wanted to study Maths.

My Adviser arranged for an initial assessment to see what level I was and even came with me for moral support. She worked with the college to help provide a provision that was more suited to my needs.

It is now February 2016 and I am still at college studying Maths, thanks to my Adviser who has kept in touch, supporting and encouraging along the way.

I would not have been able to get through college without it.

Quote from parent!

“I didn’t realise that people like you do as much to help as you have done. We wouldn’t have got where we are without you and are really grateful.”