Interviewer holding out hand

Preparing to return to work after 15 months off sick

Having been unemployed for 15 months due to health issues and depression, I finally felt I could take the steps to start preparing for my return to work. My first step was the job centre (JCP), which I wasn’t looking forward to, but they seemed quite positive and referred me to a National Careers Service (NCS) Adviser at the JCP to help me get my CV done, which sounded good.

It wasn’t as good as it sounded. When I got to my appointment I was told to access a template online and complete my CV using that format, but I have very little IT skills and I didn’t know where to start. Unfortunately, I terminated my appointment because I felt I was not offered the service I was lead to expect.

My husband suggested I contact Wheatsheaf Trust in Southampton, as he had used their services in the past.  I was a bit nervous at first but phoned up and was put through to an NCS Adviser, who happened to have a cancellation and so was happy for me to go in that day.

I didn’t expect to get my CV done, I thought it would be discussion about my experience and skills and then going back at a later date.  So imagine my surprise when, not only did we discuss the content for my new CV, but the Adviser produced it there and then, with input from me throughout the session, I am so grateful for the help I received.

I attended an appointment with an Adviser at Wheatsheaf Trust today to get a CV and career advice.  Received a good professional service and am feeling confident about my future prospects of employment. I recommend the service. Thank you.