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National Career Service Support – having structure and a way forward is the key

I first saw a National Careers Service Adviser at Wheatsheaf Trust Southampton in May 2015, after becoming unemployed from my job of 12 years. After several sessions of getting my CV up to date, exploring my options and getting advice, my Adviser has equipped me with information and signposted me to organisations regarding self employment advice and opportunities, which I am seriously considering.

The advice and support I was given, has made me feel more equipped to move forward with becoming self employed in the future. The Adviser suggested I speak to my JCP Adviser too and they have since given me an appointment with a specialist organisation, which is going to enable me to take steps to achieve my goals.

The advice and guidance has helped with my confidence and I really do see my future at some stage running my own business.

I feel that this has given me structure and a way forward and I also have an up to date CV which I am very happy with.  Overall a very positive and constructive experience.