Construction workers

Life has changed

When I was at school I was predicted to get A and A* grades in my GCSEs, but that didn’t pan out as I fell into the wrong company and started smoking cannabis on a daily basis so school wasn’t my priority.  And to make matters worse, I turned to crime to fund my drug habit and I am only 18 years old.

Early in 2015 I was convicted for my crimes and was put on a probation order.  Part of this order was an arranged prison visit which was scary and I really didn’t like it.  There was no way I was going to end up there and so I decided to knuckle down and do everything I possibly could to get my life back on track.

Shortly after this I was referred to Wheatsheaf Trust in Southampton along with some other young people with similar stories. We did various activities and courses including CSCS practice, which really made me focus.

My mentor encouraged me to keep up the good work as an opportunity through the Rainbow Project was coming up and he wanted me to apply for it.

The role was in construction which is what I wanted to do and so with his support and my determination I went for it.

It has now been 14 months since I started my job on a construction site, I am still enjoying it and have learnt so much since I have been here.  I have learnt new IT skills, archiving and am responsible for staff and visitor inductions when coming onto the site, which also includes completing the relevant paperwork and then inputting it onto the computer.  The Rainbow Project supported me during my first year and I regularly go back to Wheatsheaf Trust to mentor other young people to show them that they too can turn their lives around.

Client quote

“I’m just going the right way now, I’m on the right track rather than going backwards.  Its allowed me to get my own place and learn life skills.”