Honesty is the best policy

I was first referred to the Work Programme at Wheatsheaf Trust in Southampton in September 2014 and have been working with my second Adviser since July 2015.

When I first attended I had a number of issues including, a lack in stability and healthy lifestyle, a criminal record, drinking too much, getting into debt and anger issues.

During my time with Wheatsheaf Trust I have been given a lot of support in various ways including, getting my CV and cover letter updated, applications, attending weekly job search sessions, referral to an IT course, help with basic bank vouchers when things got tough and help with day and week riders.

Having all this support in place, helped me to return to work in June 2015 as a Forklift Driver, which I was really pleased about as I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without their support.

Unfortunately for me and due to my own ignorance, I lost my job because a DBS check showed that I did not declare my criminal record.

I shared this with my Adviser and he said that being upfront with future employers would prevent this happening and it made sense so I took his advice.

Being honest has paid off, as I started my new job in March this year as a Labourer/Operative and my employer was actually sympathetic about my criminal record.

I have much more confidence about approaching employers with honesty and I have developed some IT skills too.  My Adviser is keeping in regular contact with me and I know that if things don’t work out he will be there to offer me advice and support.

Client quote.

“I appreciate everything you’ve done for me!”