Back to work after 15 years

On joining the Bridge 2 Work programme I had been unemployed for over 15 years. I was recovering from addiction issues, depression and anxiety. I also experienced medical issues such as back, knee issues and limited use of hands and fingers. I fell into debt with council tax and housing. I was feeling socially isolated and bored.

Due to my health issues, I had to give up my previous career of working on construction sites. I was suffering from low motivation and confidence whilst suffering with mental and physical health issues. I needed to collect medication daily so in any future job role they would have to be flexible to this need.

Wheatsheaf Trust helped me to update my CV, we discussed job searching techniques, how to identify vacancies, approaching employers and the value of voluntary and work placements. We identified an employer to approach and contacted them to set up an interview with a local retail establishment, B&M. I attended an interview which went well, I was then invited to an two hour work trial and was consequently offered a shelf stacking role on an Intermediate Labour Market opportunity for 16 hours per week (up to 400 hours).

At the end of the placement I was offered a permanent role which I was happy to accept. Thanks to the support on the programme and the placement, I am more confident, much happier and more positive.

Although, I am unsure what I would like to do exactly in the future, I do know that I wish to keep working.

Cleint Quote: “The job keeps me occupied, meeting more people and gives me more money (once my arrears are all paid off) this job is perfect and it’s the first job I have looked forward to going to”