At Wheatsheaf Trust we thrive on the generosity and co-operation of the local community.

It is our strong belief that working together is in the best interests of everyone, as a co-operative and inclusive society is usually a harmonious one. Employing local people makes the area a more attractive place in a number of ways. For example it reduces traffic levels. It will also ensure that wages stay within the local area.

In helping people overcome barriers to employment, we provide local enterprises with focused and employable candidates, who are driven to take the opportunities that come their way.

There are many ways to get involved with Wheatsheaf Trust and have a direct hand in helping the local community.

Advertise job vacancies and apprenticeships with us for free and access untapped areas of the labour market.

When you do so you gain access to pre-assessed candidates. Employer and employee can evaluate each other before any commitment is made, which can be arranged through extended work trials that incur no charge for the employer.

Additionally, if you require a candidate for an apprenticeship, our participation in the Youth Incentive Scheme will meet many of the associated costs.

Offer work experience placements to provide an invaluable source of hands-on experience.

In return, gain a driven, enthusiastic new team member at no cost, and with zero risk.

Placements allow our clients the chance to gain confidence in a real working environment, and may benefit the workplace long term: successful completion of a trial period can often lead to a permanent long-term position.

Provide access to spare slots on in-house courses.

These can be of huge benefit to our clients. They boost a wide range of skills and improve all-round employability. Also, any business offering the courses will be best placed to benefit in the future. Should suitable positions arise, the trainee can be considered a strong candidate as they not only have aptitude, but also a familiarity with the company ethos.

Participate with us in our efforts to reach funding targets

We seek statutory funding on a range of projects, but we are always striving towards the next objective. Become involved and even the smallest ideas and effort can make a huge impact to what we can offer the community.

Become a friend of the Trust

To stay involved and up-to-date with the charity, follow or connect with us on our social media channels. [Links will be provided below]

There are many other ways to become involved. We are always looking for organisations to partner with and keen to discuss any affiliation that may benefit our clients.

For example, we are fortunate to receive the services of numerous companies, each of which is committed to the prosperity of the local community. For example:

  • Condor Office Solutions print our newsletter gratis using their in-house facilities
  • BAT funded an innovative pilot programme of family work in Southampton
  • KPMG provided mentoring for our Managers and access to their own networks

Radcliffe & Co have sponsored several corporate events to promote the Trust.

To discuss in more detail how we could work together in the future, please contact us or pop into a local centre.