We offer employers a truly integrated employment and skills offer, collaborating to develop meaningful sector and employer led pre-employment training programmes and a structured programme of in work support to ensure work place expectations are met for both employer and employee.

We have extensive experience of working in partnership with a wide range of local businesses to provide best-fit candidates to meet their recruitment needs.

Salary Free Work Placements

Currently we have an offer for local businesses across South Hampshire and the Isle of Wight which means your company could benefit from an additional pair (or pairs) of hands for up to six months with no salary costs incurred!

All that we ask is that you give a local unemployed person the chance to prove themselves in your business whilst we pick up the wages.   Ideally there is a job offer made at the end of the period, but that is not a requirement, the quality of the opportunity and the experience people gain are the key elements. The Paid Work Placements act as a ‘try before you buy’ for both the employer and the individual and can add value to your recruitment process and your Corporate Social Responsibility plans.

What better way to show that you support your local community than to offer someone an opportunity within your business.

If you are interested in finding out more about salary free placements then give us a call or drop us an email. 

FREE Mental Health Awareness & Resilience Training

For employers hosting work placements there is the opportunity to access Free Mental Health Awareness and Resilience Training provided by our partner, Solent Mind. The training includes:

  • Why we should think about mental health in the workplace
  • Skills and techniques to support staff with mental health conditions
  • Having conversations and supporting all staff
  • Wellness at work

For more information about how we work with local businesses please contact us.